Bulk Trans­port

Bass Strait Trans­port pro­vides bulk trans­port ser­vices for the prod­uct, includ­ing fer­til­iz­er, grain, cement, haz­ardous liq­uids, ani­mal hides, cement, and lime for min­ing, agri­cul­tur­al, and build­ing busi­ness­es across Vic­to­ria and Tasmania.

Our low pro­file trail­ing equip­ment can han­dle con­tain­ers and tank con­tain­ers up to 3.05metres in height. We can also orga­nize the hire of tank con­tain­ers and pro­fes­sion­al clean­ing of tank con­tain­ers (ISO tanks).

Bulk Cartage Ser­vices Include 20’ and 40’ Con­tain­er cartage and Tip­ping Skel Services.

Full Trail­er Loads by using equip­ment rang­ing from:
- Stan­dard Semi-Tautliner’s
- Semi Taut­lin­ers with mez­za­nine Floors
- Stan­dard B/​Doubles
- Drop deck B/​Doubles
- Cus­tom-designed and Built Bark­er Trail­ers to match the cus­tomers’ require­ments for reg­u­lar work.